When My Dreams Enhance My Determination….


I wake up daily with the motivation of self-improvement and the desire to chase after the principles that are instilled in me. I had a dream a few hours ago and it felt so real to me, let me elaborate. 


I was speaking to a crowd of my old classmates and I had their full attention and they were hanging on to ever word I spoke as if they needed my guidance. I realize when my dreams have a strong vibration that flows through me, I have to hold on to that image. Because my imagination is painting a obvious picture in my mind that’s corresponding with my reality. My vision always seems to send me a straight forward unquestionable message one way or another and my focal point is to rise to the challenges.


Having courage in the face of my fears will lead to a better opportunity and it builds my appetite to concentrate on my self-development. I realize when I hold on to my thoughts and take small steps towards my goals, I’ll recognize my potential. It feels like receiving a merit badge, when I have worked so long to accomplish something and the satisfaction increases my creativity. That gives me the ability to try something new to unfold majestic possibilities. My responsibility is to shape my reality into what my spirit represents and grow daily as life brings me closer to my destination.

wp-image-1977975.jpgMy gift to you is the stroke of my pen and I hope these words bring meaning to your purpose and potential…..

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