Selfless Thoughts…


Thank you Lord for giving me another day to enjoy life.  I have a young friend that the Lord has placed in my life for a reason and I pray that I can help him with the obstacles he face, to help him become the man that he sees inside himself.  And not let my attitude or ego get in the way by pushing him away when he may need my help or just somebody to talk to.  I have to be more patient with people, be willing to understand them for who they are, and what they want to become in this life that we all live.  I see my young friend looks to me for guidance and I feel the pressure, because he told me I was the only positive person that he had in his life to look up to.  I see the changes the Lord is placing in my heart because my attitude is evolving for the better and one thing I know for sure is that the Lord really does answer prayers.


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