Crabs In A Bucket…


I have to be more willing to accept and appreciate valuable people in my life and brush off the negativity when someone tries to think less of me, because I know my abilities and the strength I have within.  I understand that some people will try to mislead me because of jealousy and envy and I pray that the Lord keeps me two steps ahead of my enemies to rise above and enjoy the blessings You Lord have in store for me.  I live in a environment where some people don’t want to see anybody doing good for themselves, some talk behind my back then smile in my face, and try to take advantage of one another.  It’s like I’m in a bucket full of crabs because when some people see me try to reach the top, they try their best to pull me back down.  I refuse to be pulled down any longer, I have a vision that I will climb out of the bucket that tries to hold me back from my victory.


One thought on “Crabs In A Bucket…

  1. I’ve heard this called the Tall Poppy syndrome too, not letting anyone feel too far above the crowd. In Denmark it’s seen as a cultural norm: the “Law of Jante.” Thank you for the fresh image of the crab bucket for any of us coping with this kind of environment.

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